yeedi vac max - yeedi
yeedi vac max - yeedi Germany
yeedi vac max - yeedi
yeedi vac max - yeedi Germany
yeedi vac max - yeedi Germany
yeedi vac max - yeedi Germany
yeedi vac max - yeedi Germany
yeedi vac max - yeedi Germany
yeedi vac max - yeedi Germany
yeedi vac max - yeedi Germany

yeedi vac max

Regular price €399,99 Sale price €349,99

2-in-1 Robot Vacuum & Mop
Mops and vacuums at the same time. Ready for wet and dry messes.

Invincible Cleaning Power
3000Pa strong suction power sweeps up dirt like a hurricane.

Carpet Identification
Avoids mopping and cranks up suction power when carpet is detected.

Smart Mapping and Navigation
Maps out your whole floor like a GPS, and cleans in neat rows.

Editable Home Map
Tap the map to clean or avoid rooms and targeted areas.

Complete App Control
Schedule your cleaning and choose a specific area to clean.

Product yeedi vac max

Navigation Visual SLAM

Suction Power 600 / 1500 / 3000 Pa

Water Tank Capacity 240 ml

Water Flow Levels 3

Dustbin Capacity 450 ml

Dimensions 350 x 350 x 77 mm (Robot)

Battery Capacity 5200 mAh

Working Time 200 mins

Charging Time 6 Hours

Carpet Detection Yes

Auto-Boost Suction Yes

Obstacle Crossing Ability 9 mm

No Muss, No Fuss

As a versatile robot vacuum and mop, yeedi vac max is ready for both wet and dry messes you throw at it. It vacuums and mops simultaneously to keep your floor clean with literally no effort from you.

Strongest Cleaning Power Ever

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Ultrasonic Carpet Sensor

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It's Like a GPS, but for Cleaning

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Full Control at Fingertips

Identifies your rooms and creates an editable home map accordingly. Tap the map to choose a room to clean, and mark the targeted area you want yeedi to clean or steer away from by drawing up zones on the map.

Clean Anywhere at Any Time

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Start Cleaning with Your Words

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Tireless Cleaning Buddy

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Yes, yeedi vac max vacuums and mops at the same time for a more thorough cleaning experience.

Yes, it is equipped with advanced carpet detection sensors to avoid mopping when carpet is detected.

It takes about 6.5 hours to get it fully charged.

With a 5200mAh battery, yeedi vac max runs up to 200mins on a full charge and it can cover up to 2000 square feet. The working time may vary with product settings and your using environment.

It comes with a 12-month worry-free warranty.

They will be available on Amazon and yeedi official website in August.

Here are the prices for the accessories: 3 x mopping pads ($19.99), Replenishment kit (2 x side brushes, 1 x multi-surface brush and 3 x filters) $29.99, mopping kit (1 x water reservoir, 1 x mopping plate, 2 x mopping pads) $39.99.

We recommend to use water in the tank only, as some cleaning solution might be corrosive to the vacuum.

Yes. yeedi can mop different kinds of floors from wood, laminate to tiles.

Yes. The dustbin and water tank are easy to clean. You can rinse them with water if needed. A little blazer and brush are also included in the package to help you clean any long hairs on the brush.

A: yeedi vac max can only remember one map at the moment. You’d need to buy another vacuum if you want to cover different floors.

Yes, we have anti-drop sensors to detect stairs, so it won’t fall.

No. It supports 2.4GHz internet only.

Yes, you can label the rooms in yeedi app.

Yes, you can create a virtual boundary via yeedi app to prevent yeedi from reaching it.

It sucks up pet hair with a 3000Pa strong suction power.